Flying Sit Spin Lesson – Part 2 (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan continues a flying sit spin lesson with a skater who is familiar with the element but not proficient. In Part 1, Kim covered the entrance and initial fly, including arms and the leg tuck. At the end of Part 1, Kim was trying to get the skater to feel more forward lean or pressure with the upper body to properly balance the flying sit in the air.

In this video, she begins by working on the cannonball sit spin with the skater as a tool for getting more forward upper body pressure in the air. It’s likely this skater had not really attempted many cannonballs prior to this lesson because she is clearly uncomfortable with it at the beginning and makes rapid and significant positive changes during the lesson. But notice how the focus on the cannonball negatively affects the flying sit spin entry and jump/fly. This is common for flying spin development (and skating in general), as working on one aspect often temporarily ruins other aspects of the element. The value in watching the lesson is seeing how Kim continues to work through the issues, and where she focuses when seemingly everything goes wrong.


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