Flying Sit Spin Lesson – Part 1 (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan gives a flying sit spin lesson to a skater who is familiar with the element but not proficient. After having the skater attempt one as a baseline for the lesson, Kim has the skater come to the boards and use the doorway to practice the desired air position and movements. Using the hockey box doorway requires that the skater can support their weight on their arms without slipping (remove gloves). The main flying sit requirement is that the take-off and landing leg tucks up so the thigh is parallel with the ice (or higher), just like in a valid sit spin. The doorway provides a way for the skater to feel the position and movements.

Kim explains the entry she uses to get the skater into the correct position. Notice the thumbs up, as this rolls the shoulders back. In the air, Kim describes the arm position as if the skater is holding a car steering wheel. This is to help get the upper body forward for the proper balance in the air. Many skaters, including the skater in the video, struggle with “sitting back” in the air rather than properly pressing the upper body forward. Kim uses the analogy of a cannonball sit spin to exaggerate the upper body forward position.


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