Flying Camel – Part 3 (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan continues her seminar class on flying camels (see Part 1 here and see Part 2 here). In this video, Kim troubleshoots some specific issues and offers some very helpful tips. After watching some attempts, Kim focuses on arm details, particularly the need to land and spin initially in a standard or base back camel position, and then switch to another desired or choreographed arm position. This ensures correct base technique, and allows for many more choreographic options later on.

Next Kim addresses the very common error of swinging the arms on the entry and during the fly. The skating side arm should be in front and remain there throughout the entire entrance edge and fly, but many skaters struggle with this as they cannot do a regular forward camel without the skating side arm “swimming.” The skater Kim is helping almost looks like she’s trying to do an axel or death drop because the arm movement is so pronounced. Kim says, “No arms. Don’t use them. Your arms are not part of the deal.”

To address this tendency to “swim” the skating side arm, Kim has the skaters place the free side arm under the skating side arm, with the wrist pointed down under the forearm and the wrist bent backward such that the free side hand has the fingers pointed at the ceiling. This position prevents the skating side arm from moving or swimming. Kim notes that this also works great on other spins such as the back scratch spin. This arm position is held throughout the entry edge, the fly, and the initial half turn of the back camel spin. When releasing the arms into the base back camel position, Kim has them think of “swiping the table clean” from the middle outward.

For the common error of raising the body up on the pivot and fly, Kim reminds another skater to “keep your ribs on the table.” Many skaters need to be reminded to “stay down” with the upper body.


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