Flying Camel – Part 2 (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan continues her seminar class on flying camels (see Part 1 here). She continues with the walk-through at the wall that she introduced briefly in Part 1. This is one of the best ways to learn to fan the take-off leg after simulating the take-off. Kim warns against the common errors of relying too much on the wall for balance and support (“death grip on the wall”) and not lifting the non-axis leg before fanning it to the back (“kick the fence”). She says, “Second leg lifts up at the wall and then over the fence.” She wants the skaters to finish by looking toward the axis side with the head and opening and turning up the hands as discussed in Part 1.

Next, Kim draws a flying camel tracing on the ice and works with one skater on correct pattern and technique. Kim warns against “over-winding” and suggests an “L-position” with the arms, with the non-axis arm in front at the start. A common error with flying camel is not “finishing the hook” which means jumping too soon on the take-off edge and not pivoting on the toe pick. The demonstrating skater also continues to struggle with “kicking the fence” and Kim talks about how important it is to get the necessary whip for rotational energy. The final attempt at the full flying camel is pretty good, but again the skater does not fully ride the edge and pivot on the toe pick (jumps early).


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