Camel Spin – Part 3 (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan continues her detailed explanation of how she teaches camel spins. In Part 1, Kim discussed details of the setup and initial entry edge, with emphasis on hand positions intended to properly open the shoulders and generate edge pressure for rotational energy. In Part 2, she focused on the actual camel spin position itself, with an emphasis on back and free leg placement.

Kim begins this video by explaining the process of exiting the camel spin, with an emphasis on keeping the body down and the free leg staying up and going around rather than dropping. Next she explains how trying to pull the arms up and back in a camel spin often pulls the body up, which destroys the spin. To keep the body down she has the skaters enter the spin with both hands clasped in front, and then continue to spin with both arms in front. This changes the balance of the spin, but it helps keep the body down and allows skaters to work on mastering the free leg position. This includes flexing the free foot and stacking the hips to create the ideal camel position. It also creates a solid foundation for learning a wide variety of arm positions.


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