Figure Skating Jump Air Position – Backspin Errors (Frank Carroll)

Olympic Coach Frank Carroll continues his previous discussion about jump air position with a description of the backspin and common air position or backspin errors.  Even though Frank is talking about the backspin in this video, he’s really discussing it in terms of jumping and the tight rotational air position for double, triple, and quad jumps.

Essentially every word Frank says in this video is important.  He comments on open versus closed hips, pointed versus flexed toes, foot contact versus feet apart, and pulling in to the axis side versus the non-axis side.    Nearly every top coach has similar ideas and Frank offers insights about why these things are important.

The importance of developing an understanding of these concepts at the earliest stages in skating and especially during double jump development cannot be overstated.  All skaters and coaches should use Frank’s ideas on air position as these details are one of the key things that separate the very best skaters from the rest.


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