Figure Skating Off-ice Training: Off ice class – Part 2 (Kori Ade)

This video is a continuation of a multi-part off-ice jump class by Kori Ade.  In Part 1, Kori had the class do heel clicks and air turn variations.  In this part, the class focuses again on quickness and rhythm, with some work on balance as well.  At the beginning, Kori explains why she likes these kinds of exercises.  She says, “I think that skaters that know a little rhythm and skaters that know their feet and can coordinate faster and faster cadence are better skaters.”

The first rhythm exercise involves stomping, stepping, clapping, and foot touches.  Notice how Kori makes the off-ice class fun.  These are not typical off-ice training drills but they are effective for building quickness, rhythm, weight shifts, and body awareness.

Next, Kori has the class do a drill she calls “pop ups.”  These are quick movements based on the handstand that again focus on rhythm and quickness (and some power).  Kori follows this up with a handstand walking contest for distance.  Again, this is not a typical exercise for figure skating off-ice training, but it obviously builds balance and body awareness as well as upper body and core strength.  It’s also fun for the competitive skaters to have a contest.

Finally, Kori shows another exercise she refers to as the “Riverdance.”  It’s a partner drill and should be done in both directions.  This drill again uses kicks and hops and clapping, with a partner.  This adds the challenge of matching the rhythm of someone else and balancing with them.  It’s also clearly a lot of fun for the skaters.

Check out the other parts of this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.


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