Double and Triple Toe Loop Prints and Theory (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna continues his series of videos discussing and explaining the prints left on the ice for various jumps. In this video he discusses the double and triple toe loop from a forward inside three turn entrance. Nick not only discusses the print, but he also offers many important observations regarding how to correctly perform these jumps. The toe loop is a particularly misunderstood jump, and Nick addresses many of the underlying myths.

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Nick says, “What you think you see and what you think is happening from an inside three toe pick jump (forward inside three into toe loop), is not really what’s happening.” He begins by noting that the forward inside three turn is typically straight or very shallow, with a “lump” where the turn itself happens. He says, “It won’t even look like a three turn. It will look like a lump and sometimes it actually has a skid and sometimes the lump is missing completely if they actually jump over that three turn.”

When describing the steps of the jumps, he says a toe loop has “a very straight entrance on an inside edge, to a flat (exit of the turn), to a blurb cut, and through (into the jump).” For the “three turn” exit, the skater needs to be over the axis side and on a flat or slight inside edge. Nick prefers to teach the jump with the free leg held back and diagonally at about a 45 degree angle, with the toe turned slightly out. For many skaters (and coaches), this will seem like the free leg is held off to the side.

The skater initiates the rotational movement of the take-off itself via a blurb which Nick has discussed before. The blurb will cause the free leg/foot to “come behind automatically” and it should automatically “line up [the toe pick set location in the ice] with the three turn.”  Nick makes a point of noting that the free leg is NOT completely straight when the toe pick goes into the ice, contrary to common belief (another myth). He says the free leg “reaches stretched, but when it actually makes impact with the ice it’s starting to bend.”

Almost all good double and triple toe loops come off the heel of the axis foot, with the axis leg straight or nearly straight. Nick takes a moment to draw common print errors and what they mean.

Finally, Nick discusses the print left by the picking foot in the ice. The “pick mark” typically “has characteristics of a baby back three turn… so it will look like a little checkmark.” Nick explains that the toe pick should initially go into the ice with the foot/leg turned out slightly, and only the bottom toe pick should enter the ice. The skater then pivots via a “baby three turn” to forward and jumps off the bottom toe pick “essentially forward” toward the jump landing.


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