Building a Double Toe Loop (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna gives a double toe loop lesson at a skating camp. Overall, this video provides a progression of exercises and drills any coach and skater can use to build a double toe loop.  On the initial single toe loop, the skater doesn’t “kick through” very well, and the jump lacks height and flow.  So Nick returns to the basics of the jump, including a straight kick through leg (no h-position) and a flexed foot.  Notice that he wants the non-picking foot to remain flexed throughout and there is no pointing of the toe.  Once the skater understands these concepts, Nick continues with the standard single toe loop, single loop combination.

Nick also takes some time to improve the skater’s control of the ‘drop 3-turn’ entrance by having the skater stretch and hold the forward outside 3 turn before the step down and reach.  This small change can lead to dramatic improvements in jump flow and timing (which are always easier when the skater is truly under control).  Also notice how Nick wants the skater to allow the shoulders to start releasing a little earlier (see Michele Leigh explain something similar here).  Notice the improved height and flow of the single toe, single loop combo late in the lesson.

For the double toe loop attempts, this skater does not kick through very much and she is not willing to cross her feet in the air (which is sometimes a result of not kicking through).  The side-by-side foot position in the air will have to be corrected.


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