Developing the Camel Spin – Part 2 (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan continues a camel spin lesson with a young male skater. In the previous videos of this lesson, Kim worked on a forward upright scratch spin and the basics of the camel spin. There is not a lot of new technical information in this video, but we get to see how Kim makes corrections, the terminology she uses, and a bit at the end regarding some reasons why she approached the spin this way with this skater.

Some concepts Kim covered include pulling the “ankle up nice and tall” rather than flopping onto inside or outside edges in the spin, riding the entry edge “for a full round” with the initial push being a “giant spiral out to the wall,” facing the palms up from the beginning to “invite the audience in” and open the shoulders, and open the arms slowly. This skater was struggling a bit with remembering the full process, which resulted in some camel attempts with both arms still in front of the skater. As Kim notes, this is hard, but it’s a very valuable exercise for developing awareness and balance for mastering the camel spin.

Kim explains at the end why she had this skater step into the spin with both arms in front. She says, “It teaches people that don’t have core strength to check the left so they can ride the outside edge, and it teaches them to bring their right side through.”


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