Developing the Camel Spin (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan gives a camel spin lesson to a young male skater. In a previous video, Kim worked with this same skater on upright forward scratch spin. We begin this video with a camel spin attempt by the skater. Notice how the skater spins with palms down and head down and simply steps out of the spin without an exit.

Kim begins by explaining different approaches to the arms for spin entries, talking about leading with the skating side arm (like our own Charyl Brusch) or the free side arm (like our own Bobbe Shire). Kim begins by offering an alternate entry position for the hands/arms and she also includes a complete process for the spin, including knee bend, both hands in front with palms up, a strong back, and the head up.

The two foot drills are very helpful for skaters to get used to the positions and sequence of events. Notice how foreign this approach is to this skater, who initially struggles with the positions and sequence. Kim explains the importance of keeping the head up, and she also mentions how keeping the palms up (cupcakes on hands) opens the shoulders and helps with the head position.

One key tip is skaters need to keep their back down in a camel spin when they are straightening their skating leg in the spin. Kim wants the skater to return to the skinny-V position before exiting the spin. Notice the improvement overall based on the quality of the final spin in the video.


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