Basic Spinning Lesson – Upright Forward Scratch Spin (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan gives a lesson on the upright forward scratch spin. The young male skater is just learning to control the basics of this spin, and it gives Kim a chance to explain in some detail her approach to teaching basic spins. Notice the step-by-step process she uses.

Whether you teach spins using the skinny-V like Kim does or not, you definitely need to focus on the details of placement of weight on the blade and posture/core strength as well as closing the free hip. Having the thumbs up is a great tip because it really does open the shoulders. Also notice how Kim teaches the step by step process while gliding forward with the skater. This takes the challenging aspects of the spin away, and allows the skater to focus on the process.

Obviously this skater needed more time with these gliding drills, but sometimes at a seminar it’s hard to put in the necessary time. Kim also notes that skaters who tend to be “neat” and “organized” with their spin entrances also tend to have cleaner jump entrances.


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