Layback Spin Tips: Troubleshooting Problems (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch offers some troubleshooting tips for layback spin problems.  This is the third video in the layback series from Charyl.  In the first part, Charyl simply had the skater do various attitude spins without laying back.  In the second part, she explained exactly how she turns it into a full blown layback spin.

To help her skaters get the correct balance point, Charyl shows an exercise she uses by pushing her skaters backwards across the ice.  Next she addresses the common problem of the free hip popped out.  The popsicle stick analogy is clever and memorable for skaters and coaches alike.  She also talks about how to solve issues related to too much side bend.  Notice the focus on the hips and variations on the position to develop a “different feeling” for the skater.  Charyl also uses the skaters vision to correct problems which is an underappreciated concept in skating.

Charyl explains why the free arm behind the back position is so powerful as a training tool for layback.  Putting one arm behind the back and keeping the other arm in front of the chest can address a number of problems.  Charyl also talks about what to look at or not look at when leaned fully back.  Should you close your eyes?  Charyl explains it.

Charyl ends the video with tips on keeping the skating knee straight.


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