Lay Back Spin In Ice Skating: Part 1 (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch shows how she initially introduces the layback spin.  Charyl starts with an attitude spin where they go in like a scratch spin, put their skating hand on their skating hip, and the free arm over their head.  As the arm goes up, their leg goes back into an attitude position.  Charyl uses this approach to get the skater comfortable spinning with the leg in a different position than usual.

Charyl also modifies this initial exercise depending on what she sees the skater doing on the initial attempts.  For example, she also may have a skater place their skating hand behind the back and the free arm/hand in front of the body (level).

Notice already at this stage in the demonstrations the discussion of forward pressure of the hips.  Charyl is not asking for a layback position at this point, but still needs forward pressure.  She also talks about the tendency for many skaters to drop the free hip (or “pop” the skating hip out).  Charyl wants a line from the skating foot up through the head.

To help the skater get the proper free leg position and motion, Charyl uses a hands-on approach at the boards.  Notice how high she keeps the skater’s leg as she draws the free leg back into position.  She wants the free hip up and open without dropping and the free foot all the way behind the skater.  Charyl offers a nice explanation about why the free foot should remain high (keeps the speed up!).

Great video!


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