1 Foot Spin Ice Skating: Forward Inside Three Turn Entrance – Part 1 (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch discusses the forward inside three turn entrance to forward spins.  She explains that she teaches it in a fairly straight line and has the skater do the three turn “out of the circle” and the step to go “out of the circle” because she finds that it makes the skaters lean in.  This improves their alignment and it helps them get “over their skating hip a little better.”

Charyl uses the hockey lines and she also uses a marker to draw the lines she wants the skater to follow.  After the demonstrator attempts the spin, Charyl offers some troubleshooting insights.  She mentions the common error of the skater leaning out of the entrance edge due to pre-rotation of the head and shoulders.  She shows the position and discipline she wants for the correct position to avoid this problem.  Notice that Charyl wants “a completely still back outside edge” before the step forward into the spin.

Charyl uses the forward inside three turn entrance to save time in programs and to offer skaters an alternative entrance.  She notes that this entrance “is a little harder for the kids when they first start out because their three turns aren’t that great anyhow, and they don’t have quite that control.  But I do introduce it to them early.”  A lot of kids spin better using the forward inside edge entrance.

Next Charyl has another demonstrator attempt the same spin and she offers additional insights about it, including some valuable spin theory.  As with nearly every good spin coach, Charyl wants the spin to center right on the forward outside three turn.  She draws some pictures and covers this in detail in the video.


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