How To Center A Spin In Figure Skating: Back Spin (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch finishes her discussion of the back spin.  Previous videos in this series were Backspin Part 1, Backspin Part 2, and Backspin Part 3).  This short video has a couple demonstrations and Charyl’s comments regarding the variations seen by this skater.

Note that although the skater does not do the spin exactly as Charyl teaches with the left arm remaining in front throughout the entrance, the skater is still able to control it and create a fast spin.  Charyl notes that the spin might be a little faster if she left the arm in front as desired.

But Charyl makes an important coaching point that sometimes practice and time overcome inadequacies in technique.  Sometimes coaches are better off optimizing a skater’s existing technique than in making drastic changes to a more efficient method.


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