Back Spin Figure Skating Tips – Part 3 (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues her explanation of how she introduces the back spin (Backspin Part 1 and Backspin Part 2).  This video contains some additional information about the backspin and it also covers the overhead arm position on the back scratch spin (which also applies to forward scratch as well.)

In the overhead arm position, Charyl discusses exactly how to do it without losing balance or alignment.  She explains arm and hand movement and positioning at each step.  The most common errors for the overhead arm position are hands too far forward at the top and too much arch in the lower back.  Another common problem Charyl addresses near the end is the tendency for the skater to tense up and get too far forward on the blade.  It’s important that the skater keeps the shoulders down.

In this video, Charyl also comments on how to press the free foot down during the spin.  She wants the skater to press down with the free heel rather than the toe.  She also wants both feet and knees to point forward and she uses a nifty “headlights on your knees” analogy.  She also talks about “pressure into the ice.”


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