Figure Skating Spins Tip – Back To Front Change Foot Spin (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch explains how to change feet in a spin, from a backspin to a regular “front” spin.  Charyl shows how to do this without changing centers or traveling.  The basic concept is to switch to the backward outside edge of the backspin to a forward inside edge prior to the push/step.  The skater then pushes off the forward inside edge into the front spin.

To develop the feeling, Charyl has her skaters do what she calls her “eyeball spin” which is a spin that simply goes from one foot to the other with correct pushes, over and over.  See how Charyl develops the push using the forward inside edge.  Notice how she want the skater to keep the left arm in front (for skaters that spin to the left) the entire time (even during the transisitons), thereby forcing the lower body to create power using edge pressure alone.

This is a helpful video that addresses a very common problem.


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