Camel Spin Lesson – Fixing Common Errors (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch works with a skater on a relatively new camel spin. After watching an initial camel attempt, Charyl has this skater do a forward spiral down the ice to work the camel position. She mentions the skater’s awkward-looking fingers (shows the claw), but mainly she’s concerned that the skater can get the free leg up high on a spiral but not the camel spin. After another see-saw/teeter-totter camel, Charyl manually helps this skater feel the desired entry position. Notice the improved body tension with Charyl holding on. This skater, like many, tends to drop the skating side shoulder on the entrance, and Charyl asks her to keep it up instead. When Charyl lets go and spins the skater, the skater actually hits a reasonable camel position very briefly before pulling back and up with the upper body.

On two feet, Charyl has the skater arch the back and press to the toe picks to feel the position of keeping the body down more and hips well back. Charyl also draws two stick figures on the ice to help the skater understand her position compared to the desired position. Because this skater tends to “swim” and drop the skating side arm too strongly and too soon, Charyl has her glide in a spiral position with the skating side arm held directly in front. After the skater does this a couple times, Charyl asks her to step into her camel the same way. She says, “All I’m looking for is that nice riding edge with your arm up.” This results in a better entry and spin, but the position still needs work.


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