Naming the Jumps: Flip (Chris Conte)

In this short video, International coach Chris Conte quizzes a class of skaters on jump names. All of the skaters in this class can do all of the jumps discussed, but notice how challenging it is for the skaters to think about how each jump is defined. The point of the discussion is Chris is trying to get the skaters to recognize the relationship between the flip and the salchow. Using the loop jump and toe loop as examples, Chris makes the point that the flip jump should be called a toe salchow, although few skaters and coaches actually think of it that way. The reason skaters overlook this is the salchow and flip are usually separated by weeks or months in the learning process and the connection is never explicitly explained, while the toe loop and loop have similar names and are usually learned consecutively (usually toe loop and then loop). Interestingly, coaches tend to overlook the connection between flip and salchow because they never thought about it when they were skating.


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