Bounces and Illusions More Details – Part 2 (Bobbe Shire)

Spin specialist Bobbe Shire continues her discussion of bounces and illusions.  She introduced these spins in Part 1 and offers more details here, focused primarily on common problems.

First Bobbe discusses the common error she calls “jack knifing” where the skater’s timing is off and the body and leg both drop at the same time.  She reiterates that “the kicking of the leg is what forces your back down.”  Most skaters simply do not kick hard enough.  Bobbe also recommends stretching up with the neck when the back is up and tucking the head and neck when the back is down and going down.  Especially on the first kick, the skater should tuck the chin.  Bobbe notes that there is a significant variation on how skaters perform bounces and illusions.  It is dependent on flexibility and rhythm.

Bobbe takes a moment to share a story about a skater who always jack knifed when doing illusions.  She explained how she used this tendency to advantage by making it a designed spin that looked good.  At the end of this discussion, Bobbe talks more about the jack knife and has a skater attempt to demonstrate.

To avoid jack knife problems, Bobbe says,”Let your free leg determine the rhythm.”  She also briefly discusses the hips again and how important they are for centering and staying over the spin.  Bobbe likes the leg to go straight up behind like a Charlotte.


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