Basic Upright and Sit Spin Tips (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch works through some basic spins with a skater. After the first forward upright spin Charyl tells the skater, “You’re sticking your booty out just a little bit.” This is a fairly common error, where a skater will arch the low back and tilt the hips forward, especially the moment just before pressing the free leg down. Charyl describes the solution as “tuck your hips under.” She also wants this skater to swing the free leg and foot around higher during the hook and first spin rotation. She says, “Bring it around a little higher.” When pressing the hands overhead on another upright spin, the overly arched back is more pronounced and easier to see.

After the first sit spin attempt which doesn’t get low enough, Charyl notes that skaters with longer legs often struggle with the position and tend to have sort of an “awkward look” on the sit spin. Charyl has the skater create the desired sit position in the rink door, and this skater needs a lot of forward body pressure (but still have an arched back) to get the hips low enough. Charyl says, “Arch your back, I want you to lean through the door.” Notice on the final sit spin attempt that the skater gets lower, but rounds the back rather than arching it. Charyl explains that the skater needs to tilt the hips forward so the upper body can press forward into the correct position to balance over the front of the skate.


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