Upright Spin Tips (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch shares some helpful upright spin tips during a spin lesson. The lesson starts with a forward upright spin, and the skater is not waiting long enough on the entrance edge so the spin is traveling. Charyl tells the skater to wait a little longer on the entrance edge and then have a soft skating knee rather than popping up onto a stiff skating leg. By holding on to the skater during the entrance and the hook, Charyl can help the skater feel the correct timing. Two important tips are to come around 3/4 of a circle before spinning, and not to “swim” the skating side arm too early (“don’t open that arm”). The skating side arm should stay in front throughout the entrance and initial parts of the hook. Notice the improvement in the spin with the “slow motion” assisted entrance that the skater can feel and control.

For the backspin, Charyl does an exercise at the wall that helps her skaters make the transition with the lower body from the entrance edge position to the initial backspin position. By keeping the knee in contact with the wall while turning the skating foot from forward to backward on the ice, the skater must close the hips. This drill is particularly helpful for skaters to feel the desired closed hip position immediately after the three turn and it also teaches the timing of lifting the free knee and keeping it closed. Charyl also wants this skater to push into the spin with more authority to create more knee bend on the entrance edge and more spin energy. She also explains that skaters should push the free foot down by pushing through the heel and not the toe.


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