Back Sit Spin With A Core Change (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch teaches a back sit with a body core change.  Beginning at a standstill on two feet, Charyl has the skater work on the position which requires a strong forward body lean, placing the chest on the thighs.  The trick is to place the arms in a position that provides leverage to help twist the body to get the core change.  By placing the right elbow outside the left knee, Charyl creates a solid leverage point.  Next she has the skater lift the left arm up towards the ceiling, as well as turn the head up toward the ceiling as well.

Another tip is to push the skating hip forward while pulling the skating shoulder back.  Charyl also tells the skaters to put their armpit on their leg to help with the twist and leverage and alignment.  Most common errors relate to losing alignment, so Charyl focuses on keeping the “middle of the body directly over the skating knee.”  Another common error is getting too far back on the blade and falling backward.  Other common errors are not leaning forward enough, not turning the head strongly enough, and not keeping the hips low enough to actually get the feature.


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