Back Camel, Jump to Forward Sit Spin (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire teaches 3 skaters the back camel, jump to forward sit spin.  None of the skaters had attempted this before this lesson so you get to see the typical learning process.  Bobbe calls the jump between the spins a “hitch kick” (back camel, hitch kick to forward sit).

She begins by teaching the transition as “a half-loop on a small curve to a forward sit spin.”  At take-off, the free leg should be extended strongly in the half-loop.  The key is to push the non-landing leg forward and not let it get stuck behind in the air.  After developing some comfort with the transition, Bobbe has the skaters attempt the full spin from the back camel.  While in the back camel and just prior to the jump, the skater should twist the shoulders against the rotation and then use them as part of the jump and release.

Bobbe notes that this spin is “way more difficult than the back camel fly to the back sit.”


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