Arms Up Over the Head for Jumps (Jeremy Allen)

International coach and jump specialist Jeremy Allen teaches and demonstrates how to jump with the arms up over the head. This is a follow-up and clarification video to Jeremy’s very first video on iCoachSkating which you should also watch to see a skater demonstrating the technique. Jeremy teaches skaters to grab the axis wrist with the non-axis hand, keeping the thumb of the non-axis hand back behind the axis arm and not “grabbing” or wrapping it in front. He notes that, “The extension with the arms is not always necessary” as many skaters may stretch too much and too soon during the jump. Instead, Jeremy wants to continue the stretch “within the rotation of the jump.”

Next Jeremy demonstrates the two basic ways that skaters can move the arms during the take-off in order to execute the grab and overhead reach. He emphasizes that “there’s no right way.” One way involves making the grab in front of the body just prior to pressing the arms over the head. This is a more controlled method, and skaters often describe the feeling of this as pressing straight up. The second way of getting the arms over the head has the grab happening after the arms are already up, and Jeremy describes this method as using the arms in a “windmill fashion” where the arms go up independently and the grab happens over the head. This method can result in more rotational energy but it tends to be more difficult to control or make precise.

Jeremy ends the video by noting that he teaches “arms up” for all the jumps when doing off ice jump training. Learning to jump with the arms up “can add to your ability to adapt, it can strengthen your rotating position… (by) creating that super straight line in the air which we all want in rotation.”


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