Jumping With Arms Up Over Head (Jeremy Allen)

International coach Jeremy Allen discusses the benefits of jumping with one arm up and both arms up, and he also provides details on how to do it effectively. Jeremy states that jumping with one or both arms over the head can help a skater not only rotate faster, but also jump higher. After having the demonstrator perform a double lutz with both arms up, Jeremy explains in detail the arm and hand position.

NOTE: The detailed explanation at 1:07 is incorrect. Jeremy has the explanation reversed and he is mirroring it to the camera. To be clear, for a regular counter-clockwise jumper, Jeremy wants the LEFT hand (non-axis arm) to reach behind and hold on to the RIGHT wrist (axis arm) with the fingers. Jeremy demonstrates correctly what he wants at 0:42 in the video and again at 3:37 in the video.

The LEFT thumb should remain behind and not grab or circle the wrist. He describes the position as “stretching with your biceps slightly behind your ears” which “tends to give the most stretched out line.”

One of the benefits of jumping with the arms up is to learn better take-off movements, particularly with the arms. Jumping with one or both arms over head helps because the skater is often more likely to pivot all the way through to forward on the jump take-off with a better body line.

Next, Jeremy has his demonstrator show a double lutz with one arm up and he notes that the arm that is up should not be straight. Again, he describes the position in detail, showing the bent axis arm (right arm) where the forearm almost rests across the top of the head, with the wrist bent so the hand is vertical. The non-axis arm is across in front of the body, with the forearm roughly parallel to the ice. Jeremy explains why the axis arm above the head should be bent. It is essentially necessary for proper rotational balance, especially in terms of radial rotational forces pulling on the straight arm.

Jeremy continues by going through the movements of getting the arm(s) up. For the two arm up position, he teaches to grab on the way up before the skater has even pivoted to forward. For the one arm up position, he teaches a strongly anchored head position where the axis arm “slips over your head” as the body turns to forward on the take-off.

Please see NOTE above which clarifies video below.


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