Lutz Tip (Jeremy Allen)

International coach and jump specialist Jeremy Allen discusses the lutz jump, and how to get a consistent outside edge take-off. He begins by acknowledging that it “really depends on the skater.” But then Jeremy notes that most of the top skaters in the world “hit a slight inside edge as they’re preparing to reach for the lutz. Then as they draw, at the last second that pulls to the outside edge and then lifts.” He demonstrates this technique.

Jeremy notes that there are many different possible entries for lutz. The traditional “American” entry is a shallow outside edge that continues to gradually deepen all the way until the jump happens. But Jeremy says, “If you can do it (correctly) like that, that’s awesome. You should keep it. Most people can’t, and keep it on the outside edge.” Ultimately, the ineffectiveness of this “American” teaching method to prevent edge issues is why Jeremy recommends a shallow inside edge entry. He then takes a moment to explain the entry in more detail, including the free leg slightly crossed behind during the shallow inside edge, before the edge change to a clear and powerful outside take-off edge.


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