Flip Jump (Jeremy Allen)

International coach and jump specialist Jeremy Allen discusses the flip jump. As Jeremy notes, entry edge issues are more common with the lutz jump, but many skaters struggle with performing a flip jump off of a clear inside edge. Unfortunately, judges and IJS tech panels may still call a wrong edge even if a skater takes off correctly from a strong inside edge if the skater uses a rocker entrance with a change of edge rather than a three turn.

So in this video, Jeremy offers suggestions for creating clean forward outside three turn entrances for the flip to ensure the correct take-off edge as well as to ensure the correct call. The first solution is to simply be aware of where the skater is reaching the free leg. For lutz, most skaters reach the free leg back behind or even across the skating foot, so Jeremy wants skaters to reach back directly behind the free hip after the three turn, or even more aggressively inside the circle. If just thinking about it doesn’t work, Jeremy suggests using a left back outside counter followed by a forward outside three turn into the jump (for CCW jump rotation). The counter and three turn tend to automatically create a proper reach for the flip.


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