Advanced Salchow Concepts – Part 3 (Kori Ade)

World and Olympic coach Kori Ade continues her advanced salchow concepts class for high level skaters during a seminar/workshop. In Part 1, Kori focused almost entirely on the idea of using a “guiding foot” for salchow. In Part 2, the focus changed to air position and working on proprioception to prevent falls. In this video, Kori teaches two exercises intended to improve rhythm and timing. And although the class is working on triple salchows here, these drills also work well for double development or improvement.

The first exercise in the video is two forward pushes, a forward outside three turn, walley, half walley, and finishing with a triple (or double) salchow. The goal is to “build rhythm into your triple sal” and Kori still wants the skaters to avoid falls which she discussed in the previous video. Kori says, “Use the rhythm to your advantage.” She also notes that it’s easy to rush through this drill, so skaters need to take their time and set a reasonable rhythm with the first walley.  This is a difficult exercise for the class.

The next exercise uses Kori’s “loose leg loops” concept. “Loose leg loops” are basically toe loops without actually toeing in. She also refers to them as “toeless toe loops.” (Some people call them “Russian loops.”) They are a loop jump with the free leg/foot held behind throughout. To get full rotation with loose legs loops, it’s necessary to release the non-axis side and make sure the axis side comes through fully through the take-off. She says, “So really you’re using the entire skating side to initiate rotation.” This is another way to build jump rhythm and help skaters “get through” the take-off properly. The exercise is 4 loose leg loops, a half loop, and a triple salchow. Jordan Moeller does a nice demonstration. Kori urges the class to “use the right (axis) arm” to punch through the take-off of each loose leg loop as well as the salchow attempt. She says, “Don’t be afraid of letting it go to your left (non-axis) shoulder. You’ll get it back. That’s what the second up is for.”


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