Advanced Salchow Concepts – Part 2 (Kori Ade)

World and Olympic coach Kori Ade continues her advanced salchow concepts class for high level skaters during a seminar/workshop. In Part 1, Kori focused almost entirely on the idea of using a “guiding foot” for salchow. In this video, the focus changes to air position and working on proprioception to prevent falls. Most of these concepts are appropriate for all the jumps, from doubles through quads.

The concept of a “second up” has become commonplace among coaches over the last decade. The “second up” is typically defined as moving quickly into the desired air position, which usually means very straight, very tight, and as rotationally optimal as possible. Kori describes it both as pulling up and pushing down. Top coaches like Kori continue to teach a shoulder position in line with the skating foot (“parallel to your feet”) since it seems to reduce cheated jumps and puts the skater into a position to maximize rotational deceleration on landing. It should be noted, however, that more and more top coaches are switching to a more neutral air position and focusing on the shoulder twist only at landing (moment of impact with the ice) or not at all. Kori makes a point that having shoulder pre-rotation on take-off is acceptable as long as the skater can collect it back to the desired air position.

Next, Kori has the class do a relatively simple exercise that works particularly well in a class setting (jump class). She has the skaters do a bunny hop followed by a mohawk and then a triple salchow. This exercise keeps the entrance straight and maximizes the minimal flow provided by the bunny hop (the only pushes). The next few minutes of the class are focused on reducing falls by developing better proprioception and trusting the air position, even at impact with the ice. Kori says, “I want you to do as much rotation as you can possibly manage with control.” She says, “Do less. Figure it out.” This focus can be particularly helpful for skaters who fall all the time and make little if any effort to stand up on attempts of new jumps they are working on.


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