20 Minute Warm-Up Edge Class – Part 4 (Kate Charbonneau)

Figure skating coach Kate Charbonneau continues a multi-part series where she shows a complete 20 minute warm-up edge class. Kate has her skaters start slow and then she picks up the pace, both with the skating and the music for the class. This warm-up is done to music. In Part 1 she shared initial exercises that emphasized slow stretching movements and strong edges and full extensions. In Part 2 she shared and exercise intended to get the heart rate up, work on edge control and body lean, and improve and warm up quickness. In Part 3 she offered exercises to improve stopping skills, as well as knee action and balance. In this video, Kate shares an exercise that focuses on flow and power and extension (including landing positions).

All videos in the series:
Part 1 – intro, initial exercises emphasizing slow stretching movements and strong edges and full extension
Part 2 – increasing heart rate, edge control and body lean, add movements for quickness
Part 3 – improve stopping skills, knee action, balance
Part 4 – focus on flow and power and extension (jump landing positions)
Part 5 – spirals and Ina Bauers
Part 6 – transitions and turns
Part 7 – wrap up and summary

Kate calls this exercise the “zig-zag” and it snakes back and forth across the ice. The exercise is simple in concept, and all skaters can do it, although those with more power and extension will obviously do it better. Starting in the corner of the rink, the exercise is just a forward inside three turn to a held stretch position (landing position), then a step forward outside the circle into 2 forward crossovers on the same circle, and then repeating in the other direction down the ice. Kate encourages skaters to gather the feet together after the stretch after the three turn (after the landing position). She also wants as much extension as possible on the crossovers.

One of the benefits of the exercise is holding the landing position after the three turn in BOTH directions, but also immediately skating out of that stretch as one would do in a program. The goal is to skate fast and show power and elegant, stretched positions.


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