Where Does Power Come From? (Chris Conte)

In this video, International coach Chris Conte gives a power lesson to a skater at a seminar. Chris begins this lesson having the skater press away from the barrier with just the hands and arms, first with lots of bending of the arms, and then with just quick plyometric movements of the wrists. He’s basically demonstrating how jump power does not require significant bending of the knees and ankles. Jumping requires quickness.

Then he shifts focus to basic stroking with this skater and his emphasis changes to getting full extension of each push, all the way through the toes. Here, strongly bending the knees and ankles creates more time for a powerful push, especially if that push extends fully through the toe, all the way to the toe pick. This last extension of the ankle requires quickness. He uses the phrase “push and point” as a way to easily remember this.


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