Tips on Forward Crossovers (Chris Conte)

National coach Chris Conte continues a lesson with a male skater that is focused on skating skills. In the previous video, Chris helped him develop long and powerful forward strokes or pushes. In this video, Chris focuses on forward crossovers and shares tips on how to “build” them.

To begin, Chris has the skater drop into a deep knee bend for the crossover pushes. He is willing to allow the skater to have slightly forward upper body posture (at least temporarily) to help accomplish this. We are lucky enough to get a demonstration by World medalist Madison Hubbell, and her movements are obviously worth modeling. Chris describes the initial push as a hockey lunge, and here he wants the body upright. Notice how much better this skater’s hockey lunges get with Chris assisting.

He continues to build on this by doing repeated hockey lunges in the figure 8 pattern. Notice the arms behind the back and the upright posture. Chris then ads to this by incorporating the undercut part of the crossover, where the skater holds the crossed position. He does this initially using repeated lobes down the ice, and then returns to the figure 8 pattern as well.


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