Using Video Tools for Small Successes (Page Lipe)

International figure skating coach Page Lipe talks about using inexpensive video tools for motivating skaters. Page uses video for “breaking skills down so that skaters can have little successes and little goals.” She continues, “If you don’t have some sort of success every day you’re probably not going to stick with this sport because there’s way too much failure.” Page discusses the Coaches Eye app, but there are many in expensive “motion analysis” apps available at this time for use with smartphones and tablets, and all have similar features. The purpose of this video isn’t to discuss the individual app, but show how such apps can be used to motivate skaters and keep them feeling like they are making progress.

As an example, Page has a skater perform a spiral and shows how to measure the angle of the free leg. By setting goals to increase this angle, skaters can create actionable and measurable goals which they can reach. Page says, “Make little tiny goals so they can have some kind of success, so it’s challenging but it’s attainable.” She has another skater perform a waltz jump and measures the air time. She discusses the important of air time for multi-rotation jumps and the need to focus on it early in a skater’s development. Many skaters are hyper-motivated by data, so keeping track of a variety of numbers can create much faster progress.

Page also explains the usefulness of using a simple timer. Measuring how long a skater holds a landing position or a spiral are simple examples. Page even gives an example of using a timer simply for motivating a skater to work hard for a specific period of time. Page finishes by saying, “Making little goals and making sure you have some sort of win every day is really important to keep them coming back.”


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