Using Video Technology as a Coaching Tool (Page Lipe)

Page Lipe works with a skater on drills intended to fix an edge change problem on a double flip.  Little coaching information is shared in the video.  Instead, this video shows how a coach like Page uses a tablet computer with inexpensive software to enhance a skater’s lesson.

Page uses an iPad and the Sk8 Sport-Figure Skating App.  There are many similar apps available today, with many focusing on sports in general and some focused on golf.  But relatively few are focused on figure skating.  One of the key features of the Sk8 Sport app is the ability to single step through a video.  Most similar apps use a “scroll wheel” with relatively poor control for single stepping.  But other apps have other advantages over the Sk8 Sport app as well.  At the time this page was published, the Sk8 Sport-Figure Skating app cost around $20. does not endorse any particular app at this time.  Ideally an app for figure skating should include side-by-side analysis with video sync, an accurate clock for measuring air times (ideally with the ability to set the timer to zero at any time during the video), the ability to zoom in during analysis, the ability to add model videos, and the ability to easily create analysis videos.  Most available apps are currently priced well below the $20 mark and lack certain features. will do a review of these apps in the near future.

In the video, notice how Page uses the app and how she wants the skater to have visual feedback and a complete understanding of the mechanics of the jump.  This approach obviously conflicts with many very successful old-school coaches who do not want their skaters watching video because it may not “feel” like it looks on video.  Here at, we lean toward encouraging all skaters and coaches to know and understand proper mechanics and the use of video is critical as Page demonstrates.


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