Understanding Our Thresholds – Part 1: Pain, Handling Success (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade leads a discussion with her skaters about understanding and dealing with our individual thresholds.  For example, everyone has their own specific threshold for tolerating pain.  But these thresholds are not fixed and unchangeable.  By using or changing coping mechanisms, skaters can increase their thresholds and increase their overall odds of being successful.

All coaches think about how to motivate and change the behavior of their athletes.  But elite coaches often have to put more focus on this aspect of coaching since their elite athletes are already tremendously gifted and motivated, and the pressures increase exponentially at higher levels within the sport.  With more at stake, elite athletes who understand themselves and how they react physically, emotionally, and mentally to various challenges or situations often find success faster or can more easily bounce back from adversity.

This video was taken in September of 2015 and it offers a glimpse into the process that Kori uses with her top competitive skaters in their weekly meetings.  All coaches and skaters can learn something from this discussion.


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