Becoming Elite – Part 2 (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade continues her discussion with her competitive and elite skaters about how elite people approach the world as compared to how ordinary people and even successful people approach it.  See the first part of this discussion here.

In this part, Kori begins with a discussion of confidence. She says, “An ordinary person … would define their confidence through what other people think of them. A successful person would define their confidence through the things that they’ve accomplished. And and elite person would see their entire journey and their perseverance as the reason to have confidence. Their character gives them confidence…” Kori discusses a common situation on the ice in regards to a skaters’s self confidence.

She also talks a little about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how skaters need to understand that about themselves and communicate it clearly to their coaches. At the end she talks about simply not knowing why we feel like we do, as it can change on a daily (or hourly) basis. Controlling one’s thoughts is a mark of a champion.


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