Two Classic Jump Drills (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger gives a group lesson to 3 skaters at a camp. Audrey has the skaters do 2 classic jump drills.

The first drill is an axel drill and starts with the skater in a forward upright spin with the free leg bent and to the side to simulate the moment of take-off for an axel or double axel. The skater bends the skating leg and hops straight up a couple times in that position before jumping straight up and getting to a standard jump air position. This drill is incredibly valuable for double axel development, although it can also be helpful for learning a single axel as well. The challenge for most skaters is quickly transitioning to the desired air position from the axel take-off position, allowing for a safe and efficient “landing”in a backspin. Audrey addresses the common error of having disorganized arms, being very clear about where the arms should be on the initial jump and how they pull in to rotate in the air.

The second drill is great for double loop and double flip development. It involves the skater starting in an open upright backspin position with the free foot in front in an h-position. The skater then bends the skating knee and hops straight up a couple times before jumping up again and pulling in to the desired jump air position before landing again in a backspin. This drill takes off and lands on the same foot, making it easier for many skaters, although the necessary balance and required alignment over the axis side can be scary.

Both drills above are excellent for ensuring that skaters cross their feet in the air. If they are unwilling to cross their feet in these drills, it offers a warning that skaters won’t naturally cross the feet on jumps.


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