Triple Salchow Lesson (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna gives a lesson on triple salchow. He begins with single salchow, single loop, single toe loop in combo, and then a double salchow, single loop, single toe in combo. After that Nick asks for a single salchow, double loop, single toe loop in combo, followed by a double salchow, double loop, single toe loop combination.

Before doing the triple salchow, Nick has the skater do a “double loop pivot drill” with the goal being to keep the arms in at the landing. You can tell from Nick’s comments that this skater tends to open the arms early on the triple salchow, so this drill is meant to address that.

The next stage of the lesson has the skater attempting triple salchows on the pole harness. This process includes walkthroughs with an emphasis on head anchoring and rotational acceleration after the take-off. In an effort to prevent an unnecessary fall (just sitting down), Nick asks the skater to add a single toe loop to the triple salchow, but the skater continues to struggle with opening the jump early. Next, Nick shifts the focus to driving the axis hip up at take-off, and this results in a fully rotated triple on the pole. The skater then lands the final attempt.


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