Single Jump Lesson – Part 2 (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna continues a lesson with a skater who is working to improve her single jumps. In Part 1 of the lesson, Nick worked on backspin, h-position, d-position, and landing position. In this short video, after one quick salchow attempt Nick corrects a very common toe loop issue often referred to as a “toe axel” or in this case a “toe waltz jump.”

In this error, the skater picks up the gliding foot (non-picking foot) too early and turns the hips forward with the non-picking foot held back, before finishing with a waltz jump from the toe pick. To get the gliding foot to glide through properly, Nick uses a back outside pivot to help the skater understand what a toe loop should feel like. Note that holding the pivot too long is not desirable for creating jump flow, but it can be extremely valuable to help a skater like this learn the basic feeling of a toe loop if they have not yet experienced it.


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