Triple Flip and Loop Lesson (Michelle Leigh)

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh continues a lesson with a skater.  The first part of the lesson focused on toe loop combination jumps (triple-triple but concepts also apply to double).  In this video, Michelle and her student leave the combos and do some work on solo triple flip and triple loop.

For the triple flip, Michelle offers advice regarding the walk-through.  As mentioned in the last video, she had not been working very long with this skater when this video was taken, and they were still working through the relationship and Michelle’s expectations regarding walk-throughs.  Notice the focus on not leaning back at the exit, and keeping the free foot and knee down on the exit as well.  There is also quite a lot of work on the air position.  Michelle notes that the skater should groove the feeling of the entrance so she can “rely on it in competition” to help with consistency.

Going to triple loop, they discuss the pattern and the setup position with the body fully twisted into the circle.  Michelle says, “I like a big wind-up…” for the loop jump.  This discussion of keeping the free foot and knee low on the exit is very valuable (there is no h-position at landing of a typical triple loop).


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