Working on 3 Jump Combinations (Michelle Leigh)

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh works with a skater in a 3-part series on jumps leading to triple salchow.  In this first part, Michelle works on 3-jump combinations with the skater.  Before beginning the lesson, Michelle explains the issues she will be working on with this skater.  With skaters working on 3-jump (double, double, double) combinations, as well as double axel and triples, it is common to work on increasing the speed of rotation.  That is a primary focus with that skater.

To start the lesson, Michelle asks for the jump sequence of two foot loop, two foot loop, two foot loop, double loop.  She does another drill where the skater does back outside three turn, mohawk, back outside turn, mohawk, double toe, double loop.  The first 3-jump combination is a double flip, double toe, double loop.  Notice how Michelle builds this “backwards” by working on double loop (with flow and rotation prior) and then double toe, double loop (with flow and rotation prior).  This is a very important concept.  The two drill entries are different because they are appropriate for the first jump tried after the entry jumps.  On the first 3-jump combination attempt, the skater misses the last jump, double loop.  So Michelle returns to the two foot loop entry exercise.

The focus of the lesson then switches to the double lutz, double toe, double loop 3-jump combination.  The skater doesn’t get the loop to happen at all on the first attempt, so again Michelle uses the two foot loop exercise.  On the second attempt, the skater rotates all 3 jumps but falls on the loop.  The point is the progress and the process.


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