Trampoline Training for Figure Skaters, Part 3 (Kori Ade)

This video is a continuation of an off-ice training class for figure skaters at an indoor trampoline park. The skaters shown are at varying levels, and they were training at the time with World and Olympic coach Kori Ade. Some of the skaters involved include Jason Brown, Jordan Moeller, and Mariah Bell. Trampoline exercises can be used to train quickness as well as balance and body awareness, all without causing excessive impact stress on joints and connective tissue. The first video in this series was just an initial warm-up. The second video completed the warm-up. This video is focused on just a few jump drills.

In the first drill, the skaters are bounding down a long trampoline performing single air turns in alternating directions with their hands on their hips. This exercise is great for building awareness of air position and axis while learning to generate rotation from the feet and hips (rather than the arms and shoulders).

The second drill is a continuous set of repeating single air turns in one direction. This exercise focuses mostly on awareness and axis, as the rotation creation is less important. Doing this drill in the skater’s non-dominant direction is pretty challenging.

The final drill is a repeating series of tucks, pikes, and splits. This forces skaters to learn to dynamically balance these movements and have more awareness of their bodies in the air.

Check out the other videos in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.


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