Trampoline Training For Figure Skaters, Part 2 (Kori Ade, Vincent Restencourt)

This video is a continuation of an off-ice training class for figure skaters at an indoor trampoline park. The skaters shown are at varying levels, and they were training at the time with World and Olympic coach Kori Ade. Coach Vincent Restencourt is leading these exercises, and some of the skaters involved include Jason Brown, Jordan Moeller, and Mariah Bell. Trampoline exercises can be used to train quickness as well as balance and body awareness, all without causing excessive impact stress on joints and connective tissue. The first video in this series was just an initial warm-up. The exercises in this video complete the warm-up.

The exercises contained in this video include isolated squat holds, running in place as fast as possible, landing position, one legged side hops, squat holds with feet in and out, tuck jumps, sitting and getting up as quickly as possible, v-sits, planks, opposite foot and arm planks, side planks, alternating wall taps with quickness to landing position, tucked one leg squats, hopping air position, and sprinting.

The alternating wall taps to landing position will be new to many coaches and skaters. It’s an excellent exercise to build core quickness and work on quickness to the landing position and obviously does not require a trampoline. The skater starts with the back to the wall, then turns and taps the wall with the opposite hand. The skater then turns the other way and taps the wall with the other hand. This process is repeated until the coach shouts “landing” and then the skater turns toward the wall and hits the landing position.

Vincent notes that this was a “light warm-up” because the skaters were competing soon after this video was taken. Note how intense this is, requiring high levels of quickness and stability as well as body awareness.

Check out the other videos in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.


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