Toe Loop Combination Jumps – Part 3 (Jeremy Allen)

International coach and jump specialist Jeremy Allen finishes his series of videos discussing in detail all aspects of toe loop combination jumps. In Part 1 he discussed what happens on a good jump landing and how the reset works between the two jumps. In Part 2 he offered more details and addressed common problems such as timing, alignment, and overreach.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

In this video, Jeremy begins by sharing his favorite exercises for developing the timing for toe loop combination jumps. The first exercise is just a waltz jump with a reset and then a toe loop (or double or triple toe loop). The second exercise is a waltz jump followed by a “flip around” with a reset and the toe loop. A “flip around” is essentially a loop jump where the free leg starts behind but ends up in front on the landing. Some coaches call this a “toe-less toe loop.” (Compare Jeremy’s “flip around” to Kori Ade’s “loose leg” concept. It’s basically the same.) The flip around is a simple way to help create a realistic reset for the toe loop. Yet another version of these drills is a waltz jump followed by two consecutive flip arounds, then a reset, and finally the toe loop. Jeremy notes that this is probably his favorite exercise for toe loop combinations.

Next Jeremy discusses how to choose which toe loop combination jumps to use in a student’s program. The emphasis should be on finding a combination where the first jump maintains flow on the landing. Along these lines, the waltz-jump-flip-around-reset exercises use the waltz jump precisely because the waltz jump has a lot of flow, and the height can be controlled easily. The idea is to have a waltz jump that maintains the flow without jumping very high. As Jeremy notes, the first jump of any combination jump needs to have flow, and less height. He says, “The first one needs to go long and low.”


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