Tips for Building a Double Flip (Michelle Leigh)

World and Olympic coach Michelle Leigh is working with a male skater on building a double flip from a solid single. This skater has not yet landed the double at the time this video was recorded, and Michelle covers some common issues in the development of a typical double flip.

Because this skater has relatively good lower body mechanics but the arms are somewhat wild, Michelle focuses on the upper body and specifically on arm position and movements. Things to notice include timing of hands in front of the body when the pick enters the ice. Michelle wants this skater to get the hands closer together at this point but not pull them in until after pivoting through the full take-off. She uses singles with “arms in” landings to build awareness of the arms and to prevent them from opening early.

As with many of Michelle’s lessons, notice the repeated use of visual feedback through the use of video. Coaches that use video can stop the video at critical moments and skaters can see whether or not they are actually making a correction. Although this skater does not land the double flip in this lesson, it is clear this skater is very close.


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