The Lutz Jump – Critical Insights (Chris Conte)

This video by Chris Conte is actually a continuation of his multi-part series on air turns or the Russian Twist where he references this discussion about reach position.  However, the bulk of this discussion is focused on the lutz jump and the theory of the lutz jump.  Chris begins by explaining he uses a similar reach position for lutz as for flip (and salchow and forward outside 3 before step on toe loop).  He has the skater switch directions on the circle then exit the circle on a flat (tangent to the circle) in the reach position.

Next, Chris spends some time talking about “flutzes” or lutz jumps with an edge change error.  He believes a flutz is typically caused by a “timing error.”  He continues, “Where flutzes come from most of the time is an early increase in the outside edge during the reaching phase” or “premature outside edge pressure.”  Next, Chris explains the correct way to do a lutz.  He says, “During the extension phase (the reach)” the skater is on a soft knee and “on a flat… Then the outside edge pressure begins… as the free leg is gathering back in, as the tap is occurring.”  To summarize he repeats: “On the reaching phase I like to see the (skating) blade on a flat, straight up and down, and then the outside edge should increase during the tapping phase.”  The skating foot should pass very close to the picking foot on a lutz.  Chris also discusses briefly the very common entry method of using an inside edge and how it relates to what he just talked about.

Chris demonstrates a flutz (incorrect lutz) with premature outside edge pressure, and then another one with premature outside edge pressure and a high kick on the reach (hammer toe).  Then he demonstrates some correct lutz jumps, including one backing right toward the camera.  The key is to remain on a flat during the reaching phase.


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