The Butterfly Spin Entrance – Part 1 (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives a step-by-step process for teaching and learning a butterfly. The butterfly is a relatively complicated skill to learn, so it’s hugely beneficial to see a presentation like this. The demonstrator in the video knows the exercises well, but has not yet mastered the butterfly itself.

Charyl begins at the wall and slowly builds from basic body and hip twisting movements to these same movements with the back kicks. Notice that she wants the kicks to be directly behind the skater and not rotating or flying off to the sides. After skaters become comfortable at the wall, Charyl has them attempt the same progression of drills at a standstill away from the wall. This is more challenging and is typically scary for most skaters. Notice the focus on keeping the spin axis side shoulder from collapsing.

Next, Charyl teaches a 2 foot entry and again, repeats the drills with the moving entry. The skater needs a strong back throughout. This skater has been working on butterflies for a few weeks and attempts some for us to see how the entrance relates to the drills. This is a fantastic presentation, and having a process like this can dramatically reduce the time it takes to learn this skill.


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