Testing and Improving Hip Mobility (Kristina Anderson)

Figure skating coach and certified strength and conditioning expert Kristina Anderson continues her discussion of hip mobility. In the previous video, she explained the importance of hip mobility and offered a series of exercises to warm up and engage the necessary muscles. In this video, she shares another powerful exercise which acts as both a great test and a training tool. Kristina has the skater stand on one leg in front of a tall step of some kind, with the free leg just resting on the step. For her height, she uses a tote flipped upside down. The idea is the free knee should be above hip level, which forces the skater to fully engage the psoas muscle to lift the foot off the step/box.

This simple exercise can be used without movement to work on balance and alignment. But to make the exercise more effective, once a skater has mastered simply lifting the foot off the step or box, they can keep it up and rotate the hip open, hold it briefly, and then return it to the front (close the hip). This exercise is very effective at challenging the hips and core. Kristina mentions some common errors or mistakes to watch for.


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